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Welcome to the Beckmill homepage. Our two companies, Beckmill Research (BR) and Beckmill Education (BE), complement one another. Research provides valuation, litigation, and other services. Education offers unique seminars and webinars for financial professionals.

Beckmill Research, LLC

Our unique perspective blends strategy concepts with more traditional valuation tools. The result: greater value for clients.
    We originated the Trilevel Framework of Unsystematic Risk. The Framework includes macro-environment, industry, and company. Of course, the individual firm makes or breaks its destiny at the company level. Over time, what it does must evolve and improve because the essences of capitalism are evolution and competition.

Beckmill Education, LLC

Beckmill Education creates unique education content for financial and consulting professionals, written and delivered by top-rated instructors.
    Our seminars and webinars are ideal for those who seek high-end, multidisciplinary knowledge to apply in practical contexts. All Beckmill courses use simple, everyday English to connect time-tested theory with professional practice to help you help clients enhance value.


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